Building a stronger EV ecosystem together

Hi, we are Micelio Discovery Studio,

A high performance team with the goal of enabling and augmenting the growth and transformation

of the electric vehicle ecosystem

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We are developing and running a community of 3100+ EV start-ups, OEMs, Vehicle manufacturers, UAVs, MAVs, Fleets, and E-commerce companies operating EVs. We have invested in machinery and industrial space for start-ups to benefit from, with currently 116+ members who also benefit from our extensive support in business, SCM, technology-related issues via our heavy program managed support tracker. We are also running open-source documentation and projects to assist in the overall growth of EV technology in the industry.

Wonders happen when communities come together. Micelio Discovery Studio aims to bring together and nurture all those communities who share our vision of electrifying mobility and propelling the entire electric mobility ecosystem towards a more sustainable future.

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